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Remote Learning

Dear IHSCA Parents and Families,


We hope this finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy. Although this is a time of uncertainty, we are committed to providing high-quality learning experiences for all of our students at IHSCA. We are writing today to share our plan to support your child's remote learning while school is closed until May 1st. 


Your partnership, feedback, and collaboration are critically important to support your child’s engagement in remote learning. Please take a few moments to read below for information about our plan, expectations for your child, and the ongoing communications and assistance we will provide to keep students engaged, learning, and healthy while schools are closed. 


What is IHSCA’s plan to provide remote learning for my student during the closure? 


Our teachers will provide their students daily learning activities and will be available for at least two hours every day to keep students connected and engaged until school re-opens. Your child will also receive regular communication and feedback from their assigned teacher on learning activities. Please view our schools view more information


What are the school’s expectations for my child while learning at home?


During this time, the focus is to encourage students to stay engaged in academic activities and to reinforce learning on a daily basis. Routine, encouragement, and aligned expectations between families and teachers are important factors of academic engagement in your home learning environment. We’ve created an outline of Remote Learning school expectations, tips to help your child focus, and options for support and assistance if your child is struggling with an activity. 


How do I access the plan and materials?


Our remote learning plan is posted on our website for families and mailed out. Materials are also available for pick up at the IHSCA main entrance if you or your child does not have easy access to a computer. 


What communications and guidance can my child and I expect?


Families will receive ongoing school-wide communications as well as a regular schedule for communication and feedback between your child and their teacher(s). This information can be found on the website, through robo calls and email blasts.


Thank you for going above and beyond to support your child during this difficult time. Please continue taking care of each other and yourselves as we face this health crisis together. We know there are many unknowns ahead of us, but we will do whatever it takes to keep our school community safe, healthy, and engaged during this time.