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Extracurricular Clubs

IHSCA also provides a wide variety of extracurricular activities that give our students a safe and constructive space to build community, learn new skills, and follow their growing passions outside of the classroom.


Current IHSCA Clubs Include:


Book Club

Advisor: Edith Arriaga


Dance Club 

Advisor: Naimah Cyprian


Dreamer's Club 

Advisor: Marco Garduno


Freshman Class Moderators

Advisor: Skot Holcombe and Leah Czuhajewski


Gay Straight Alliance 

Advisor: Sarah Chambers, Alicia Messenger, Gary Obaob


G.E.E.K Squad 

Advisor: Aurelius Raines


Investment Club 

Advisor: Mihir Garud


Junior Class Moderators

Advisor: Christine Decatus and Tamara Schwab


National Honor Society

Advisor: Rhonda Hartwell


Senior Class Moderators

Advisor: Stephanie Reed and Patrick Ford


Sophomore Class Moderators

Advisor: Jennifer Grandfield and Alexandria Paulsen


Spanish Honors Society 

Advisor:  Yanette Saldana


Student Council 

Advisor: Sabrina Anfossi-Kareem


Teens on Wings 

Advisor: Valarie Wilson


Yarn Club

Advisor: Tammy Ngyuen



Advisor: Kristen Lee and Maureen O'Donnell


Zoology Club

Advisor: Alicia Messenger