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Purchase Request Form

The following online form must be completed for purchase requests. Please allow for 2 working days in order to receive a response as to whether or not your purchase request has been approved. Please plan accordingly and give us 2 weeks notice to give the Director of Operations enough time to coordinate with vendors.

Gen-Ed Departments are provided funds to maintain their department needs. The department representative is required to manage the department budget and organize the purchases. 

Funds that are collected through fundraising and are planned to be used for purchases must also complete this form.

All purchases are pre-approved by the following Administration:

1) All General Education Purchases - Lisa Waltmire

2) All DL/EL Purchases - Iliana El-khailani

3) Club Purchases - Alberto Mendez

4) Athletic Purchases - Alberto Mendez

5) All Other Departments - Submit to Stephanie Palomo-Vazquez

Once approval is received you will coordinate the purchases with Stephanie Palomo-Vazquez. Vendors you plan on using must accept Purchase Orders from the school. Please make sure to communicate and find out if the vendor can accept Purchase Orders from our school.

Purchase Order Processing

1) Complete the online Purchase Request Form

2) Receive approval via email from Administration based on Department

3) Provide quotes to see pricing of merchandise and quantity being ordered

4) If quote of pricing is aligned to the purchase request pricing estimate we will proceed with the Purchase Orders.

5) The Director of Operations will provide the purchase order to the vendor. A notification will be sent to the department with the order info and shipment details.

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