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Our School Finances

Our School Finances


Annual Budget


Our fiscal year starts on July 1 and ends on June 30 of the following year. Our most recently completed fiscal year was FY23, which ended on June 30, 2023. Our total budget in FY23 was approximately $10,046,081. 


Sources of Funding


The pie chart below breaks down the various sources of our revenue. We are approximately 89% publicly funded via city/state/federal funding, mostly based on per-pupil formulas, as well as our student poverty index. 11% of our funds come from private grants. We receive minimal funding from student fees and private fundraising.




Primary Expenditures


The pie chart below breaks down how we spent our funds in FY23. 




  • Direct Student Costs include curriculum, classroom supplies, educational materials, uniforms, enrichment opportunities, special events (graduation, prom, etc.), student incentives, and meal services, among others. 
  • Personnel Costs are salaries, benefits, payroll taxes, etc. - all costs associated with the teachers and administrators who run the school. 
  • Occupancy Costs are the funds it takes to rent and maintain our school buildings. 
  • Office Administration Costs include payroll and HR services, accounting and auditing services, printers and copy machines, telecommunications, tech support, and other expenses needed to run school offices and enable staff to do their jobs. 
  • Other Costs are depreciation on assets.