IHSCA Students Celebrate Black History Month

Student Statements

Black history month holds significance for educating the future generation about the past history and accomplishments of African Americans. Learning about this can teach others about the struggles and problems that many African descendants have dealt with and how they have molded and impacted history in a significant way. The reason why many students should be taught about black history month is that it educates them on race and how to respect this learning experience. In conclusion, black history month has taught many students about many parts of history that include very well-known African Americans that have accomplished many things or have an interesting life and background that can inspire those to achieve a greater good.

Daisy Bedolla, Class of 2021


            During Black History month we share, celebrate, and understand the impact of black history, their heritage, and culture. The importance of Black History Month is to gain a better understanding of the past and present history of African Americans and how they fought for their civil rights in America and how it influenced us today. The international study of Black History month can really help us come together because it would give a better understanding to others about all the hardships experienced to fight for rights. It helps us recognize and realize that there is still racism in this world. This month helps us recognize diversity and how everyone's cultural traditions are different which can help us get a better understanding of the world around us. 

Dinah Fonseca, Class of 2021


The importance of Black History Month is to help educate the current generation about the significant roles that African Americans have in history and taking the time to honor their significance. The international study of Black History Month can help us, as people, come together as we learn to recognize one another as equal beings. It allows us to come together as we set aside insignificant differences and realize that inside, we are all the same. Students should study Black History Month because they can be inspired by leaders who have made a difference for themselves and others as they fought for a common goal. Students can learn that anything is possible with the sound of voice and with dreams that are within reach. Students should study Black History Month to help educate themselves of the history that has changed life today as we know it.

 Roberto Valladares, Class of 2021


There are many components that show the importance of Black History Month. I believe tradition and culture are one of the main components on how to bring people together and why Black History Month is so important. Students should study black culture because it is important to be educated and learn about different cultures aside from your own so we can appreciate other traditions which can include music and different styles.

Magali Romero, Class of 2021


Student Quotes

“The value of pursuing African American studies is gaining knowledge and an understanding of the past and present situation of African-descended people in the United States. This discipline prepares students to critically examine, explore, and analyze the unique experiences of African-descended people.”

            Jose Bahena, Class of 2021


“Black History Month is a time of rejoicing, celebrating, and thanking African-Americans for giving us hope or a life lesson that could be used.”

Stephanie Cortes, Class of 2021


“Black History Month is important because not only should we celebrate all achievements many African Americans have accomplished, but also raise more awareness of the importance of fighting for equality and freedom, no matter who you are.”

Kimberly Casales, Class of 2021