Share Good News about Our School with Media

In light of recent negative press, it's essential to shed light on the multitude of positive initiatives and accomplishments within our school community. Our school does great things! We encourage you to emphasize the following points.

Positive Talking Points for Media Engagement:
1) Commitment to Students and Families: Our school's top priority is the well-being and success of every student and family. Despite the ongoing challenges, we are unwavering in our dedication to prioritizing their needs and providing steadfast support.
2) Transparent Communication: We understand the importance of transparent communication in building a strong partnership between the school and parents. We make it a priority to keep parents informed, ensuring they are active participants in their child's education journey.
3) Exceptional Dedication: Our team of educators and staff exemplifies exceptional dedication. They consistently go above and beyond to provide the best possible learning experience for our students. Their commitment is evident in every aspect of our school's operation.
4) Continuity of Learning: We firmly believe that closing our doors would not serve the best interests of our students and families. Despite the strike, our school remains open and operational. This ensures continuity in education and support for our school community, thanks to the dedication of our administrators, licensed educators, and support staff, including contracted paraprofessionals.