Homecoming Dance 2022 Details!

Each student and guest must have a ticket purchased. Tickets will begin being sold on Monday Oct 17th. 

Tickets cost: 

$20 Monday - Wednesday

$25 Thursday - Friday

$30 at the door on Saturday

OUTSIDE GUESTS: Students will be allowed to bring outside guests. Outside guests over the age of 18 will not be allowed. GUESTS MUST BRING AND SHOW THEIR SCHOOL ID OR A STATE ID UPON ARRIVAL TO THE DANCE. Permission slips must also be filled out for outside guests. Failure to follow these expectations will result in the guest not being allowed into the dance.


- All students and guests should arrive no later than 6:30pm
- Must bring your IHSCA school ID
- Guests must bring their school or State ID and permission slip must be turned in to the school.
- Have your tickets ready for entry
- Students and guests must dress formally and look their best! NO POINTY HEELS ARE ALLOWED
- Bring money for food and refreshments
- No one will be allowed to leave until the dance is over at 10:00pm
- All students and guests will be searched by our IHSCA Designated Staff
- Anyone suspected to be under the influence will not be allowed in and parents will be called
- Any students that smell of marijuana or other substances not allowed in the SCOC will not be allowed in
- Students and guests must be respectful at all times and follow the IHSCA Student Code of Conduct
- Parents must be ready to pick up their child at 10:00pm