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Intro To Extracurriculars



Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy (IHSCA) High School provides extracurricular programs to provide an enhancing learning experience that is rewarding to a student’s well-being. Being a participant in extracurricular activities is an extension of IHSCA’s regular school day. All students have the right to have the opportunity to participate in extracurricular programs.


IHSCA’s extracurriculars are modeled through our IHSCA core values of Integrity, Humility, Service, Courage, and Authenticity. Students learn to have a growth mindset that enables them to understand that through effort, practice, discipline, and commitment, one can gradually progress and meet their goals.


Students can find out more information about IHSCA's extracurricular offerings down below:

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Club Club Moderator
ALAS Ms. Ramirez & Ms. Villarreal
Art Club Ms. Linda
Book Club Ms. Arriaga & Ms. Overton
Ceramics Club Ms. Villarreal
Class of 2024 Mr. Ramos
Class of 2025 Ms. Farfan & Mr. Reyes
Class of 2026 TBA
Class of 2027 TBA
Homework Club Ms. Tammy & Ms. Grandfield
National Honor Society Ms. Paulsen & Ms. O'Donnell
Ms. Zamudio
Student Council
Mr. Obaob
Yarn Club
Ms. Tammy
Youth and Government
Ms. Hatley & Mr. Obaob