Students! Be Ready For Spirit Week Starting March 22nd!

Students, we are excited to announce that our Class Committees and Student Council will be hosting Spirit Week on March 22nd. It will be a week filled with activities and fun. We encourage all of our students to participate and show your school spirit! Take a look at what to expect! More details to come!

Blue Door Neighborhood Center - Calendario de Eventos

Familias de IHSCA. Tómese un momento para consultar el calendario de eventos de marzo. Estos programas y eventos son proporcionados por Blue Door Neighborhood Center de forma gratuita. Las familias deben registrarse en ( ¡El enlace se proporciona a continuación! ¡Alentamos a nuestras familias a llevar un estilo de vida saludable y a participar en actividades físicas! ¡Desafiamos a nuestras familias a participar en al menos un programa!

Blue Door Neighborhood Center - Calendar of Events

IHSCA Families. Take a moment to look at the calendar of events for March. These programs and events are provided by the Blue Door Neighborhood Center for free! Families must sign up by going to the ( Link is provided down below! We encourage our families to lead a healthy lifestyle and engage in physical activity! We challenge our families to participate in at least one program!

Recognizing Women's History Month!

Take a moment to see a mini biography in recognition of women that have made a positive difference! It is important to realize the impact our women have made throughout history. Be on the lookout for more mini biographies to continue to learn more and be inspired to understand that women contribute so much to our society!

A Message From The Principal To Conclude Black History Month!

As both an educator and an artist, the significance of Black History Month plays an important part in recognizing the countless individuals who have contributed to every aspect of our lives. From the words of Langston Hughes to the music of Freddie King, we must acknowledge how much they are a big part of our history and future.

“What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up Like a raisin in the sun?... Or does it explode?” -L. Hughes

Parent Meeting Recap / Resumen de la Reunión de Padres

Parents please take a moment to read a summary of the points that were shared during our last parent meeting on February 24th.

Padres, tomen un momento para leer un resumen de los puntos que se compartieron durante nuestra última reunión de padres el 24 de febrero.

Students! Join Our Financial March Madness Workshops!

It is evident that people from low-income communities lack financial literacy skills that negatively affect your financial future. We want our students to be set up for success and financial management plays a crucial role in your life! RSVP and sign up for these workshops now! Read for more info to find the link to sign up!

Parent Meeting! / Junta de Padres

Calling all IHSCA Parents! Join us for the first parent meeting of the second semester. Parent meetings are mandatory as we aim to provide important school updates to our IHSCA families.
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