Technology Survey / Encuesta de Tecnología

IHSCA Families, please click here to fill out a survey regarding technology. A survey must be completed for each student in the household to prepare for the new school year.

Familias de IHSCA, haga clic aquí para completar una encuesta sobre tecnología. Se debe completar una encuesta para cada estudiante en el hogar para prepararse para el nuevo año escolar.

Back To School Survey / Encuesta de Regreso a Escuela

We are asking all IHSCA families to complete a return to school survey so that we can receive feedback and answer any questions or concerns you may have. Please click on the story to gain access to the survey.

Estamos pidiendo a todas las familias de IHSCA que completen una encuesta de regreso a la escuela para que podamos recibir comentarios y responder cualquier pregunta o inquietud que pueda tener. Haga clic en la historia para acceder a la encuesta.

Uniforms Update / Actualización de Uniformes

We are working on setting up our new online store for parents to be able to purchase the IHSCA uniform. We hope to have the online store ready within the next 1-2 weeks. Once it is ready the online site will be shared. Families will be able to conveniently purchase the uniform online.

Estamos trabajando en la creación de nuestra nueva tienda en línea para que los padres puedan comprar el uniforme de IHSCA. Esperamos tener la tienda de en linea lista en las próximas 1-2 semanas. Una vez que esté listo, se compartirá el sitio. Las familias podrán comprar convenientemente el uniforme en línea.

Los Deportes de IHSCA Están de Vuelta

IHSCA se complace en anunciar nuestro regreso a los deportes para el año escolar 2021-2022! Los estudiantes pueden comenzar a inscribirse en los diversos deportes que se ofrecen en IHSCA. Haga clic en el enlace para continuar leyendo para obtener detalles sobre los deportes.

IHSCA Sports Returns!

IHSCA is excited to announce our return to sports for the 2021 - 2022 school year! Students can start signing up for the various sports that are offered at IHSCA. Please click on the link to continue reading for details regarding sports.

Orientación Para Estudiantes De Primer Año! 16 de Agosto - 18 de Agosto!

Nos complace anunciar que la orientación para estudiantes de primer año comenzará el 16 de Agosto y se extenderá hasta el 18 de Agosto. La orientación para estudiantes de primer año es obligatoria para todos los estudiantes nuevos de noveno grado! Nuestros estudiantes de primer año se conocerán, harán nuevos amigos, conocerán al personal de la escuela, aprenderán sobre la escuela y comprenderán las expectativas y oportunidades que están disponibles para ellos! Haga clic en leer más para obtener más detalles.

Freshman Orientation! August 16th - August 18th!

We are excited to announce Freshman Orientation will begin on August 16th and will run until August 18th. Freshman orientation is mandatory for all new 9th grade students! Our freshman will get to know each other, make new friends, meet our school staff, learn about the school, and understand our school wide expectations and opportunities that are available to them! Click read more for further details!

Congratulations To The Class of 2021! Graduation Recap!

Congratulations to our IHSCA Class of 2021! They persevered through so much these past 4 years which only makes this class that much stronger with the capability to overcome any obstacle they face as they pursue their dreams. We held our best graduation yet to recognize our senior students as they walked on stage for their final moment. We want you to know that you will forever be a part of the IHSCA family and we hope that you continue to stay in touch with us in the future! "We Are Family" "Somos Familia"

IHSCA Senior Prom 2021! Success!

IHSCA is very proud of the fact that we were able to host a Senior Prom for our class of 2021. It was a beautiful event which gave us the opportunity to hang out with our Senior Students and give them the opportunity to take part in this amazing experience. We thank all of the wonderful staff that made this possible. We also thank the groups and vendors that provided the amazing entertainment and food. This was the best prom yet which continues to show that IHSCA is capable of overcoming any obstacle to provide our students with the best possible experience. Our seniors had a great time and we are grateful to have had a moment to be there with them!

Helping Our Students Through Hybrid Learning and Tutoring!

Our hybrid learning model and tutoring program has been a great success these past couple of weeks. Ever since its introduction, students have been coming into our school building to receive academic support while providing a safe and quiet learning environment. We are so glad to see our students take advantage! Wednesdays and Thursdays is for hybrid learning were kids engage in their remote classes while at IHSCA with the support of classroom monitors. Fridays are designed for tutoring were students can receive academic support in a variety of subject areas.
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