Helping Our Students Through Hybrid Learning and Tutoring!

Our hybrid learning model and tutoring program has been a great success these past couple of weeks. Ever since its introduction, students have been coming into our school building to receive academic support while providing a safe and quiet learning environment. We are so glad to see our students take advantage! Wednesdays and Thursdays is for hybrid learning were kids engage in their remote classes while at IHSCA with the support of classroom monitors. Fridays are designed for tutoring were students can receive academic support in a variety of subject areas.

Detalles de la Graduación del Ultimo Año de la Clase 2021!

Nos complace compartir detalles sobre la graduación de la clase de 2021 de IHSCA. Por favor asegúrese de leer atentamente las instrucciones que debe seguir para el día de graduación que tendrá lugar el sábado 26 de junio. Hay un enlace disponible para hacer clic que le proporcionará las instrucciones y los detalles.

Class of 2021 Senior Graduation Details!

We are excited to share details regarding the IHSCA Class of 2021 Graduation. Please make sure to carefully read the instructions that you must follow for the day of graduation which is to take place on Saturday June 26th. A link is available to click which will provide you with the instructions and details.

Freshman Class of 2025 Virtual Welcome! / Clase De 2025 Bienvenida Virtual!

IHSCA is excited to welcome the Freshman Class of 2025 virtually through zoom! We ask that all of our new IHSCA families join us on Wednesday June 9th at 6:30pm for a welcome and introduction to our school! Please read more for more info!

IHSCA se complace en dar la bienvenida a la clase de primer año de 2025 virtualmente a través del zoom! Les pedimos a todas nuestras nuevas familias de IHSCA que se unan a nosotros el Miércoles 9 de Junio a las 6:30pm para recibir una bienvenida y una introducción a nuestra escuela! Lea más para obtener más información!

Senior Students! Save The Date! Prom June 18th!

IHSCA Seniors!

Congratulations for getting one step closer to your graduation! We have seen and heard the perseverance it took for you to make it this far during a time of hardship and uncertainty. IHSCA is excited to reunite with our Seniors to celebrate your accomplishments by hosting the IHSCA Senior Prom on Friday, June 18th, from 6:00pm - 9:00pm! Please read more for further information!

Support Our School By Referring New Potential Students!

IHSCA Families,

Student enrollment plays an important part in the growth our school. The school receives a majority of its funding based on the number of total students enrolled at IHSCA. Our goal is to have 650+ students! This would allow for IHSCA to provide more programs and opportunities that are meant for students and families. We ask you to refer to us a friend or family member for grades 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. IHSCA is offerings service hours for referrals that come from our students, as well as offering $50 gift cards for referrals that enroll to our school. More information available by clicking read more.

Add IHSCA's Official Instagram Page!

We are rolling out our official Instagram page! We are excited to use this platform to really highlight our school, students, and staff. This will be a fun and interactive way to get to know our school! We hope this helps in building school pride among us as we really have so many great things to show off. We will be capturing our many events and want it to be a place where our own students are the main focus.

Support IHSCA by adding and sharing the page! We hope to hit at minimum a 100 followers by the end of the week!

IHSCA Hosts Successful Blood Drive!

IHSCA hosted a very successful blood drive on Friday, May 21st! A big thank you to all of our student volunteers from the IHSCA Student Council and the IHSCA National Honor Society. We are also thankful for all those that donated blood! In total we had 46 successful collections. The units of blood that are collected stay within our communities and is much needed during the summer times. Everyone that donated blood has played a huge part in saving a life in the future! IHSCA's goal is to host reoccurring blood drives next school year to work towards receiving a $5000 scholarship that can be made available to our IHSCA students.

IHSCA Evolve Project In Full Swing!

Our IHSCA students have been participating in the various programs given through our Evolve Project! IHSCA students have been engaged in learning about art, theatre, music, health, and other great programs! We highly encourage our students to come participate! Programs are offered both in-person at IHSCA and virtually. If you are interested in participating please contact Ms. Arellano at
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