Primera Reunión de Padres! Miércoles 13 de Octubre 6:00pm

Estimadas Familias de IHSCA,

IHSCA tendrá su primera reunión de padres el Miércoles 13 de Octubre a partir de las 6:00pm. Las reuniones de padres son obligatorias y todos deben asistir. Se espera que los padres lleguen a tiempo. IHSCA organizará reuniones de padres el segundo Miércoles de cada mes. La participación de los padres es importante para asegurar el éxito de su hijo(a). Esperamos ver a nuestros padres pronto!

First Parent Meeting! Wednesday Oct 13th 6:00pm

Dear IHSCA Families,

IHSCA will be having its first parent meeting on Wednesday Oct 13th starting at 6:00pm. Parent meetings are mandatory and all must attend. Parents are expected to arrive on time. IHSCA will be hosting parent meetings the second Wednesday of each month. Parents participation is important in order to ensure the success of your child. We look forward to seeing our parents soon!

Polos Escolar Están a Venta en IHSCA!

Estimados Estudiantes y Padres,

Tenemos cantidad limitada de polos de IHSCA a la venta en la escuela. Estaremos vendiendo polos en la escuela los Miércoles durante los períodos de almuerzo y después de la escuela en la oficina principal de IHSCA de 1:36pm a 3:00pm. Cada polo cuesta $30 y solo se acepta dinero en efectivo. Se espera que todos los estudiantes usen el polo IHSCA con el logo como parte de su uniforme escolar.

School Polos For Sale At IHSCA!

Dear Students and Parents,

We have a limited supplies of IHSCA polos for sale at the school. We will be selling the polos at the school on Wednesdays during lunch periods and after school by the IHSCA Main Office from 1:36pm - 3:00pm. Each polo is $30 each and only cash is accepted. All students are expected to wear the IHSCA polo with the logo as part of their school uniform.

IHSCA's First Blood Drive of The School Year! Sign Up To Donate! Oct 14th 1:30pm - 7:00pm

IHSCA is excited to announce our first blood drive of the year which takes place on Thursday, October 14th, 1:30pm - 7:00pm. Donate blood to save a life! All blood that is collected is used within our communities which is in high need. It is our school's goal to collect over 400+ units of blood in order to receive a $5000 scholarship from the Versiti Blood Center of Illinois. Help us reach that goal! Read for further details on how to sign up!

Winter and Spring Sports Mandatory Conditioning

At IHSCA we aim to have our student-athletes be active throughout the year to be better prepared for their upcoming sport's season. Students can begin preparing for their season by joining our mandatory conditioning program. Click to read more information to begin participating.

The Other Grammys / Celebrating Our Black and Brown Communities

As we prepare to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, we are excited to introduce The Other Grammys which is an award show and musical celebration of minorities and the communities they live in. The show will honor students from Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy High School in telling their stories of perseverance and awarding them with laptops! Read more about this amazing event! Support the show by purchasing tickets for this year's event!


Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy se ha asociado con MobileVAX para evaluar a los estudiantes para detectar COVID-19 mediante una prueba rápida no invasiva. El programa se ofrece de forma voluntaria y gratuita. Los estudiantes inscritos en nuestro programa recibirán pruebas una vez a la semana. Continúe leyendo para obtener más detalles!


Instituto Health Sciences Career Academy has partnered with MobileVAX to test students for COVID-19 using a non-invasive rapid test. The program is offered on a voluntary basis and is free of charge. Students enrolled in our program will receive testing once a week. Please continue reading for further details!

IHSCA First Day of School! September 7th

IHSCA welcomes our students back for their first day of school on Tuesday, September 7th. We are so excited for our students to return to in-person learning and look forward to seeing you all! As a reminder, all students are to arrive on time at 7:30am with their IHSCA uniform.
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