IHSCA Clubs!


Students can click on the buttons below to watch a video to learn more about the club! Take a look at all of them and join one that sounds interesting! We expect all of our IHSCA students to be active participants in after school programs.


You can sign up for a club by clicking on the club link down below, you can also contact the club moderator if you have any questions. Students must log in to your IHSCA student email account in order to sign up.




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Club Name
Moderator Contact
Class of 2021 Ms. Farfan
Class of 2022 Mr. Lehman
Class of 2023 Ms. Paulsen & Ms. Grandfield
Class of 2024 Mr. Ramos
ALAS Club Ms. Ramirez & Ms. Arellano
Book Club Ms. Arriaga
Dungeons & Dragons Ms. Hatley
GSA Mr. Obaob & Ms. Messenger
Homework Club Ms. Ramirez & Ms. Coronado
LIKEAGIRL Club Ms. Ramirez
National Honor Society Ms. Paulsen & Ms. O'Donnell
Student Council Ms. AK & Mr. Obaob
Yarn Club Ms. Arriaga
Zoology Club Ms. Messenger