IHSCA Tutoring! / Tutoría de IHSCA

At IHSCA we are offering a tutoring program to help support our students in their academics. We highly encourage all of our students to check it out and attend at least one tutoring session.

Celebrating Black History Month! - A Message From Principal Dr. Alonzo

Since the 70s, when President Gerald Ford introduced the celebration of Black history, our country has embraced the need to respect and celebrate the rich culture of our black brothers and sisters. Since the inception of this celebration every February, a theme is usually adopted to recognize special elements. As an organization that is all about family (“Somos Familia”) we take special notice that this year, the Association for the Study of African American Life and History announced the theme of “The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity.”

IHSCA Student's Write and Donate Valentine's Day Cards To Children in Hospital!

Our school's Class of 2023 sponsored an activity in which it encouraged students to write Valentine's Day Cards which were then donated to children at the University of Illinois Hospital. We are proud of the efforts displayed by our students to take a moment to brighten up a child's day. It is the collective little efforts that really add up in making a big difference! We thank the Class of 2023 students, our IHSCA students, and Ms. Grandfield and Ms. Paulsen for such a great initiative! Let us also take a moment to appreciate our student's creativity with some of the awesome cards they created! #IHSCA Proud #Phoenix Proud #Class of 2023

IHSCA Is Excited To Collaborate With Woz ED To Grow STEM!

IHSCA aims to provide our students with enriched programming during school and after school. We are excited to work and collaborate with Woz ED which will introduce awesome and interactive STEM opportunities to our students. We will begin to introduce after school programming through Woz ED and we hope to build our curriculum with them in the future!

IHSCA Students Collect over 500 Canned Goods!

Our IHSCA students got together and have collected over 500 canned goods that were donated to the St. Pius Church which organizes soup kitchens to feed the homeless. Our students also took on the initiative to write cheerful holiday cards which were donated to the Center Home for Hispanic Elderly. Over 150 cards were made! We are proud of the efforts our students display in making a positive impact in their community. At IHSCA "We Are Family" "Somos Familia"!

IHSCA Student Vanessa Accepted Into The Beyond Sports Foundation Program!

IHSCA is excited to highlight our student, Vanessa Diaz, who was selected to be a part of the Beyond Sports Foundation program which empowers Chicagoland student-athletes to succeed in life. Vanessa will be a part of a demanding program aimed to provide her with professional development, academic advancement, athletic training, and community service. We look forward to aiding her in this exciting next step and we look to further develop more of our own IHSCA student-athletes! #IHSCA #IHSCAproud

Congratulations to Vanessa! Thank you to:

Introducing SMS Messaging! / Introducción de Mensajes de Texto de IHSCA

We continue to find ways to improve school wide communication between all stakeholders. During these times we want to make sure we are able to quickly send important school updates regarding IHSCA. We are excited to now have the capability to send text message alerts to all of our student's parents. Please be on the lookout and take the time to read any alerts sent to you by us.
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